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Zale Dalen, Director      zale.jpg (21633 bytes)

Zale is the founder of the Original Volksmovie Group. He began his movie industry career in the early seventies, working as a writer,  assistant editor, editor, soundman, and, since his breakthrough feature film "Skip Tracer" in 1976, as a director:

"Skip Tracer, 1977. Directed by Zale Dalen. The title character has a "wild west" quality to him. Charged with finding those who have "skipped" their loan payments, he appears to see himself as a modern day bounty hunter. Both the comedy and the drama of this film, arguably the first great BC-produced movie, come from his sense of duty."
-review of Skip Tracer in Ian Caddell’s list of Top Ten B.C. Produced Movies published in the book British Columbia Almanac by Mark Forsythe, host of BC Almanac on CBC Radio One.

Feature films: 

"Expect No Mercy", Film One
"Terminal City Ricochet", Emotion Pictures
"The Hounds of Notre Dame", Pere Films
"Skip Tracer", Highlight Productions Ltd.

Television Movies: 

"On Thin Ice, the Tai Babalonia Story", NBC
"Anything to Survive", ABC

Episodic Television: 

"Kung Fu, the Legend Continues", Warner Bros. 18 episodes
"Street Justice", Cannell Films
"Palace Guard", Cannell Films
"21 Jump Street", Cannell Films
"Inside Stories", Toronto Talkies/CBC, 2 episodes
"Alfred Hitchcock Presents", Paragon/MCA/Universal, 3 episodes
"J.J. Starbuck", Cannell Films, 2 episodes
"Wiseguy", Cannell Films
"Beachcombers", CBC
"Airwolfe", Atlantis
"The Edison Twins", Nelvana/CBC, 5 episodes
"Out of Sight Out of Mind", For the Record, CBC
"The Winners", CBC

Special Projects: 

"Summer", the Saskatchewan Pavilion feature for Expo-86 in Vancouver industrials, sponsored films, educational films, public service spots.


"Skip Tracer", the Wendy Michener Award, Critic's Choice Canadian Film Awards
"The Hounds of Notre Dame" 9 Academy of Canadian Cinema nominations,  won Best Actor
"Edison Twins", Golden Bear, Chicago International Film Festival
"For Humanity in Cinema Art, for Peace and Friendship Among Nations",  Moscow Film Festival

Certificates of Presentation: 

London Film Festival
New York Film Festival
Montreal Film Festival
Sidney Australia Film Festival
Thesolonika, Greece, Film Festival


contact Zale directly:  zale@themaninchina.com