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Jiangnan Daxue
(Jiangnan University)

What a difference a year can make in China.  When we arrived here last year,  September of 2006,  the campus was not very impressive.  Construction was everywhere. 

Just a year ago this past September the canals looked like they had potential, but they were marred by ugly pipes and their banks were a mess.  Mud and dust ruled.  Now that's all changed.

Finishing touches.  Cutting carpet and the last of the landscaping for the new library.

Since then, construction and landscaping crews have been constantly at work,  and every week we have noticed improvements.  Today the campus if feeling very established.  Pictures cannot do it justice, nor do words like "charming" or "beautiful".  Jiangnan University is a serene oasis of peace and joy in an otherwise chaotic and distressing world.


  The new gymnasium.  

     Security for a big event.

A rubber track,  Astroturf, and the roar of an imaginary crowd...

This field was a surprise.  Until a recent bike trip I didn't know there  was another sports field on the campus.

Inspired by Yao Ming,  the students are crazy for basketball.  My camera could only capture about a quarter
of this practice court.  Eight hoops no waiting.


And of course this is what it is really all about. PowerPoint helps a lot.

Oral English class at work.

The campus supermarket supplies most daily needs.

It's a small bank on campus,  but adequate for the needs of students and teachers.

No matter where you are at Jiangnan University, you're never far from a canal.

With a university this size it becomes a town. 

The entrance to one of many dorms.

The news stand and most of the stores are open late.

In the local village,  about five minutes from the school by bike,  is a fresh produce market and a number of small shops - hardware store, pharmacy, hair dressers, dry cleaners,  and restaurants.

Ruth and GouGou picking out supplies.

                 No flies on this meat.                               At night the village barbeques gets busy.


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